May 19, 2009

M3 : V need First Aid

I was browsing through my dad's books today looking for a good novel to read but
found a rather interesting and informative book. I'm hooked to it.
"First Aid" by St. John Ambulance Association is a must read for everyone and
especially for those who live in cities. I have seen many emwrgency cases myself
in Hyderabad.
The book has detailed information on types of injuries and instructions for the
public on how to handle them. Awareness among the general public of the
importance of First Aid will surely go a long way in making us safer and more
competant at handling emergencies.

The book states "It is the sacred duty of every citizen to learn and publicise
this movement till every citizen learns the methods of first aid"
I'll do my bit.leave your email id in comments and I'll send you an e-book.

---prevention is better than cure,so stay clear of danger---

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