June 24, 2009

Love Actually

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Film:Love Actually

I'm into romance movies now and got hold of a few good ones recently. Love Actually is a 2003 romance/comedy about the lives of a wide variety of individuals at christmas time.

The movie starts with a Hugh Grant voiceover about how love is everywhere(I don't agree with him).

In all their are 9 stories in the movie which I've categoried under good and bad.


Billy Mack and zoe -- This story about an aging rocknroll legend Billy Mack and his 'stout' manager Zoe is very likeable

Juliet,Peter and Mark -- Juliet and Peter are married. Peter's best friend Mark is a silent guy who secretly loves Juliet.

Harry,Karen and Mia -- Wait I've seen this before. Salaam-E-ishq I think.Bollywood will never learn.Strictly ok.

Sarah and Carl -- Sarah loves karl. Karl loves Sarah. Sarah's got an ill brother so they can't ...u knw


Jamie and Aurelia -- oh,cmon in India we have a different Genre altogether for this kinda crap.

David and Natalie -- Hugh Grant looks great as the prime minister but his story does not.

Daniel and Sam -- Liam Neeson longs for Claudia Schiffer while his 12 year old son is in 'love' with his american classmate.gimme a break.

Colin and the girls -- Colin(god of $%#) goes to the US in search of a girlfriend and gets four! Elisha cuthbert included! Yes of course it's America,but four?

John and judey -- Better not talk about it. Sad I saw the uncut version.

To sum up,the movie is actually watchable.

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