June 21, 2009


I love trains since childhood. They're fascinating. Train travel is always a fun experience. The people,the countryside and the train itself add charm to the whole experience. As a child I'd get excited on just hearing the word 'superfast'. Fast trains are always a thrill(though they only travel with an avg speed of 80).I'd stand gawking at the enormous engine and the length of the train. The sight of all the people at the station,the passengers,the relatives who've come to say goodbye,the chaiwalas and the hawkers is an experience in itself. Perhaps it's the reason why I often reach the station well over two hours in advance .

I did some googling on Indian Railways and didn't find much on the internet.Not many photographs either.

I will be adding my experiences and photographs from now on. Hope Dad buys be a nice camera. Till then have to make do with my k770i phone.

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