March 7, 2012

Tank of a camera: Zenit EM

I found a gem where I least expected it. At Charminar wuth Juber to buy some household stuff, I was introduced to the sunday flea market, my first ever visit(and I call myself a hyderababi!)

There were all kinds of treasures for the taking, from old coins to some really good paintings...I even found a bronze replica of the veiled Rebecca statue from Salarjung museum.

My eyes stopped dead at a relatively small shop in a discreet corner. Among the various uninteresting stuff as cassettes and old wires were these two cameras: one a Vivitar with a decent 28-100mm manual lens and... wait for it- Zenit!

The moment I held the camera I knew I had to buy it. It was in a bad state of disrepair but one look at the detached Zenitar 44m lens assured me it was in great condition and an adaptor away from complementing my strong lens collection.

Which reminds me, one of my favorites the 35-70 is gone now. After my previous rant on saving, I managed to post two lenses online of which this one sold immediately. Bad call? Don't know.

Back to the Zenit, enough has been written about the camera so I'll suffice with some images:

More pictures to follow once I get my hands on a Sony adaptor.

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