March 8, 2010


I already blogged(with inverted pictures) about my recent trip to Warangal to attend a fest at NIT. My internet enabled SE phone was with me throughout the trip but I posted only three entries. Probably because I was too tired to blog....or because I was too busy drooling over the awesomeness of the whole thing. There was so much to gawk at.... and no, don't get me wrong here.

Now the story:

I reached secbad station just in time to catch a CC seat in an intercity train. I was at warangal at 10:15, and as I alighted from the AC compartment, was greeted with a sudden gush of heat.Summer's here I thought, wonder why the fest's still in spring mode. I caught a share auto and was at the campus in 10 minutes.

At the entrance was a giant spider web sortof thing with the words SpringSpree 2010 in multicolor. It was not very appealing. Clueless where I was going, I ended up at the photography desk near the auditorium where I was immediately forwarded to the Student activity center(lovingly called SAC, lol) where I registered. I was back at the photogaphy booth where I got my first theme for the Hexathlon event: flora and fauna.

Some pics I shot

I immediately set off looking for any out of the ordinary plants and trees. Finding very little, I moved out of campus and clicked while trying to avoid curious onlookers as much as possible. One came up to check on me and surpsrisingly offered to help when I told him about the event. I moved off. The time limit was 12 PM and I was in by 11:30; submitted my entries and got a shocker: there were 5 more categories and each took 3 hours. Now sweating it out in the searing sun wasnt going to be easy, add to that I had workshop classes the next day. Add to the fact there were a couple of NIT students with pro-DSLRs I was competing with.
I didn't stand a chance.

I was provided accommodation at what is called 1k hall, a six story giant of a building. the room had some 30 mattresses strewn around. All but two were occupied by guys; they were listening to loud music- in telugu. oh crap...

I packed my bag and was off in three hours. Then attended some odd events here and there before moving out of campus in search of a lodge. Luckily I got a decent room at a nearby lodge and fell asleep with my shoes still on.

The next day was a lot better. Attended two sessions on Automotive Design by Niresh Pal, a designer. I was contemplating returning to my room when bro told me there was a dance event coming up. The show started very late but was well worth it.
The sound was so good,a few trance tracks thrown in woulda made my day...

Then I decided it was enough, I boarded a bus back to Hyderabad. I was done.