March 1, 2010

gloomy sunday n

After a very dismal sun'day' the night was spent watching 6 episodes of x-files back to back. The
headache that ensued would go down as one of the worst in my life. It was well past 4 in the morning and
my head felt like the inside of a mixer, all my nerves were throbbing in unison. When 1000mg of Paracetamol
didn't seem to help, I settled for the old-school champi therapy. I used so much olive oil it dripped from the
sides of my head. Then I switched off all the lights, my computer(which is now a formidable contributer to
sound pollution), and then lay down on the bed, face up. Must have felt asleep really quick.

Moral of the story: Watching video 6 hours straight is a bad idea and Olive oil works.

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