March 19, 2010

after 6 long years...

Feels great meeting old friends, innit? After over 6 years with no contact, I first met japheth, my school mate in 7th and 8th on facebook. He's doin his bachelors in Art from JNTU masab tank(I envy him...). He'd invited me over to his rock gig at Cafe Latte but I sadly missed it. We then decided to meet today at his college at 3 pm after classes. I was there on time and was pleasantly surprised to see no change in my old buddy. The same smile, same attitude but he's gotten little taller now.

He showed me around the campus which is basically a two sections comprising the Arts block and the Architecture block. It was cool.... murals, graffiti, photofgraphy sections, presses... these guys were living it. The building was in shambles, expected considering it is a government college but the ambience was spot on. The library itself had all kinds of books on photography.... but I was preoccupied with fear. I wasnt a Student and the librarian was already giving me that puzzled stare. I got the hell out of there.

We then had some chilled papaya juice at a stall nearby and talked while we absentmindedly walked through the lanes of masab tank. Japheth can now come to Manuguru as Elizabeth maam got transferred there again, although he does admit he does not remember anyone from school now!

I had some xerox copies to collect from mehdipatnam so I started back at around 5:30. I had a masala dosa at Swathi and headed to the "share auto" bay to catch my ride home. The realised I could do some walking for a change and get some slow shutter shots of the passing traffic as well. With a lot of girls' colleges along the way I had to make sure there was no girl in the frame unless I wanted to wind up broken in some dark alley :-)

some pics

PVNR Expressway(near Rethibowli)

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