March 2, 2010

Internal Exam 1: Summer's arrived

Internal exams came and went, all through the four years of 'engg' life. Todays' exam was different
being one among the last of the series. NO more internal exams again. And so after hard preparation for
my subject management science, that included 3 episodes of x-files, browsing thru engadget, gizmodo and
cnet; I was ready for the exam! I hadn't slept the whole night.

While waiting for a comfortable mazda bus to catch some sleep, we gave the other 'khataras' a miss.
Then it dawned on us all buses were gone. Hakeem and I then started on our splendour vowing not to
cross 50 kmph, the air was cool and the journey was pleasant.

The exam was pretty much ho-hum and felt like a classroom of sorts. The objective paper (as always) arrived late and I blindly ticked thru it, all my efforts on getting the hell out of there.

The return journey was a case study in torture; my wet kerchief which I wore across my face dried in about
2 minutes. The bright road sent my head into a tizzy. We were in langar houz in about 60 minutes.

So much for my rants about road safety, we weren't wearing helmets today.

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