December 30, 2010

Minolta 28-100mm

The kit lens I got with my Sony maxes out at 70mm. The 35-70mm minolta, though it gives excellent photos, is limited to the same focal length. I was on the lookout for a telescopic lens, particularly a 100-300mm or the 75-300mm "Beer can" which is quite rare now. Among the daily alerts I get for the subscribed keyword "minolta" on ebay, most are for lens caps and accessories but one day the effort paid off! A guy was selling his defunct Sony A100 alongwith a Minolta 28-100 macro lens. I PMed him asking whether he was willing to sell the lens individually. He relisted it immediately. Bhaiya came to the rescue when Dad's card failed and ordered if for me pronto.

The seller, even after selling it dirt cheap, was kind enough to throw in a Marumi UV filter and a original Minolta lens hood! A great deal indeed.

At the wide end, the equivalent focal length translates to about 42mm at f3.5 which is fine for portraits. The focal length at the other end is 150mm which should came in handy for some shooting distant objects. Will try for a larger focal length when I've saved enough.

Below are a couple of test shots:

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