April 2, 2011

Dediya Ghumake!

I was never a big fan of Cricket. Google news or cricinfo was all I needed to stay abreast of cricket updates. This time, I sat hooked to my T.V set. The tension then got unbearable... I just couldn't watch it alone now. Rented a T.V tuner from a local store coupla days ago for the semi and final and called over Juber, Nayeem bhai and his roommates.

An my, what fun it was. India deserved the cup, we had the batting and the bowling. This will also go down as the match that could have elevated Sachin to a level higher than legendary(where he already is). Wish I could post the videos and pics of us screaming and swearing. I'm not allowed to.

Great day.

Here I compiled a collage of the after match frenzy around town. We went out for late dinner and were amazed at the celebration and revelry. Fireworks, flags, dancing...and sadly lots of drinking too. I had an expensive camera in hand so couldn't risk stretching my luck clicking more shots. Vandalism is rampant too.

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