May 22, 2011

Another drifts by

My weekends are still the same. 10+ hours of sleep and the rest on my desktop- turns out things don't change much even with a job!

This weekend was a little improvement over the previous ones though.

Atir was in town yesterday and came over briefly before starting for Bangalore. Juber joined us for lunch at Bowl O China, where the only thing good was the trance music they were playing. We departed after a couple of hours chat. And oh, we had some nice nimbu sodas too.

Went to Fast five at Talkie Town with bhaiya. The theater was a far cry from what I heard and the damned AC was off. A blower was switched on after much insistence but just couldn't take out the heat.

The movie was "cliche" from the word go. The action scenes were well shot but the story was straight BS. And (spoiler alert) the thought of dragging an ultra heavy safe through the streets damaging property and life doesn't look too "heroic" to me. The cars were drool worthy though.

One other thing which amused post-movie was the stares bhaiya's sports edition Fiesta got as we were moving out of the parking area. A nice drift would've added to the appeal :-p

Spent the evening watching "Finding Nemo" with my little cousins. Got myself a subtitled, hindi version of the movie to make things easier. Just can't stop marveling at the glorious visual quality!

That's about it.