September 24, 2011

e-waste: salvage useful parts

The SMPS(Switched mode power supply) on my jurassic  IBM Thinkcentre gave up last month and it's been lying in a corner gathering dust. I finally got around to opening up the beast today.

Good thing about assembled PCs like these is the quality of cabinets they use. This one is built like a tank- I've never held a heavier cabinet.

Four screws removed and a little push and the SMPS smoothly slid out of the railing. I replaced it  with a Zebronics 450W unit, whose small frame looks totally out of place in the massive metal box.

I held it in place with a couple of wires as the screws wouldn't fit.

 The defunct HIPRO (Chinese IBM vendor) had a few things to donate before going to trash.

I managed to salvage the 12mm fan which I'll hopefully use on my other desktop via some tweaks.
A couple of LEDs and lots of wire with 5v rails and SATA connectors were also recovered.

No computer hardware goes completely waste. There are always things you can make us of: LEDs, fans, wires and for electronics geeks(I'm not one) there is also circuit component galore.  

e-waste is a problem that is affecting us on a global scale. Re-using  old components or donating to persons in need is one way of doing good for the society as well as nature.

The most important point to remember however, is to dispose of e-waste safely. This is one good page I found from India.

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