November 12, 2011

Some glimpses from Eid Al Azha

As much as I wanted to sneak in my DSLR to the Eidgah, the lack of security and storage and (importantly) to avoid annoying stares, I stuck to my crappy old Motorola Charm to click a few pics of Eid al Adha revelry.

I used a third party app Retro Cam on my phone to compensate for the no-focus terrible camera module on my phone... and it came with a price- it took more than 10 seconds to process one shot. 

Sharing some of the usable ones below.

The Army owned mosque is used as Eidgah while a large number of tents accommodate the surging crowds

This little kid has no clue what the Imam is saying!

Most people left after the mandatory namaz. I walked to the end of line to avoid the crowd mayhem

It pays to carry the cheapest slippers you have, so there are no hard feelings if they get stolen. In a crowd like this. it's no long shot

How I wish there was something I could climb up on to capture the thousands walking home on Langer house road stretch

Rivers of blood flowed on streets at Tolichowki and nearby places. We could have shown a little consideration to people of other faith by washing off the red with loads of water. 

Share autorickshaws(my only mode of transport) had a field days shuttling celebrating folk

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