February 20, 2012

Road pe...

After 9 hours at Office, my trip to get back a phone from service proved to be more than
just another auto-bus run.

Background: Now that I'm broke, I tried getting my dead Sony K770i fixed from a store at Paradise Secunderabad. It seemed to have a good rating on JustDial... bad judgment on my part.

6:35 - I get off my Office cab at the Nanal nagar. It takes two full minutes to cross the road.

6:40 - I grab a samosa and a quick coffee at the coffee stall and briskly walk home.

6:54 - After dumping my 1-ton bag, I quickly wash up and grab the battery and invoice.(carrying them to Office would've saved me time and efffort)

7:10 - Arrive at Mehdipatnam after a bumpy ride hanging from a shared auto rickshaw.

7:12 - A passing 49M(curiously empty for this time). I get the best seat on the bus.

7:44 - After going through at least 4 painfully long traffic signals through Banjara hills and Begumpet, I
finally get down at Paradise at precisely 7:44

7:50 - the shop: The guy recognizes me instantly and hands me my phone. Shock...he's broken it in two
places...the cover is now a shabby brown mess of screw driver slips and deep cracks. I loose it.

Owner intervenes. He promises to get me a new panel. to hell. I ask the bill? Effin 700. For no replaced
components or software. We finally settle for 550.

8:05 - I'm back at Paradise bus stop. Atleast 6 bus go by and I jump to my feet every time... no bus to MP.

8:30 - A 5 shows up. I'm half asleep by now, my head spinning. I run to the bus, grab the railing but
miscalculate...it's still moving too fast. It digs into the bone.... the pain is excruciating.

9:10 - Another auto from Mehdipatnam. I have another added weight now. It's a crime to come home without a pack of Biryani.

9:15 - Home.


- Never ever give stuff for repairs at places too far off from home.

- The above after Office...a big no no.

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