August 12, 2012

Out of focus, out of time

Alpha to Omega: End of my days for my camera.

And so, after a month long's another post. Another uninspired article, but then again this week has been anything but interesting.

First things first, that corporate photo shoot I was scheduled to do at my workplace is screwed...big time. I was tasked with taking "new refreshed" images of all my friends at the workplace like the one below(I forgot to comb my hair)

My camera, close to it's service twilight was starting to give trouble, so I figured I could fix the seemingly trivial stuck shutter button issue. The shutter wouldn't press halfway and I assumed it was a simple case of dust accumulation so I opened it up!

And now what I've ended up is a camera that won't accept auto-focus lenses coz I messed up the gear assembly on the mount. The camera whizzes and whimpers as it tries to focus and gives a "Camera error" after I take a shot. And by the way...I fixed that button!

So now I have a shutter button that works fine but the most important feature of a camera is now effed.

All this came to light(or dark) yesterday when I was out with apna Abhishek bhai for a trip to the Airport.

As he enthusiastically swung the camera over his shoulder to capture some high speed masterpieces, he realized the camera wouldn't click most of the time!

He did click a couple of good looking pics like the ones below:

And so, after the teardown and reassembly, I was left with a camera that fails to autofocus and is in need of immediate professional attention.

But all is not lost...Enter Helios manual lenses! I have a couple of 58mm lens that are fully manual and give some pretty awesome images...given you fool around with the focus so much, it hurts!

Some results from the Helios 44M 5 blade lens I procured from a flea shop:

And wait for a new camera begins. Will it be A57, A66.A77 or a humble A37 ?

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