December 28, 2013

ND filter on the cheap!

Following a tutorial I found on the web, I bought a Welding glass from a hardware shop and drove to my favorite 'waterfalls', the Dummugudem Irrigation project!

I secured the glass to the lens with a piece of Insulation tape and covered it with a piece of cloth to reduce light leaks.

Being the Bum that I am, I forgot to carry my Tripod and had to place the camera on rocks. I had a hard time finding good spots and managed to scratch the camera in a couple of places.

I used a shutter speed of about 30 seconds at f8 and above.

The results were very pleasing though:

I compensated for the green cast by adjusting the curves on Photoshop.

The results look best on Black and white though. Will experiment more on my upcoming trip to Marredmilli.

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