June 21, 2014

Zee Cabs : Z grade service and that's putting it mildly!

Link first: http://www.zeecabs.com/contactus.html

I looked up an app for Cabs and found Zee Cabs' number there. I called them up and booked a Cab from Tolichowki to Malakpet(one way). The rate was discussed and the booking confirmed for pickup at 2030. - I received a confirmation SMS and another one with the Driver name: Satish - At 2015 I called Satish and got no response. I tried again. Satish answered saying he wasn't coming due to some issue and to call dispatch. - I called dispatch. I was given another number of Khan. I called Khan...no answer. - I called dispatch again, I was assigned another guy Shafi, who was returning from Shamshabad and that he would take 20 minutes to reach. I knew it was not possible. I called Shafi. He calmly told me to call dispatch and cancel my booking as "he can't make it in time anyway". - I was losing my patience now. I called dispatch again and spoke loudly, to which he calmly disconnected my call. - I called again. I was hurling abuses now. He quickly said "Your booking cancelled Sir" and Click! Disconnected. - I called again. This time a guy named 'Irshad' patiently listened to me and agreed to log a complaint against the erring drivers. By this time I was one hour late to my appointment. Had to stand on the main road with my sister and ailing Mom, and travel on an autorickshaw. Pathetic drivers. Unprofessional call center ethics. And I didn't even get to see the damn Car. I wouldn't have been surprised had they sent in a dilapidated old piece of junk for an Indica! But even that didn't happen. I realize there is no regulatory authority in Hyderabad for Taxis. We need one ASAP or one day these guys will get away with crimes as rape and murder too!

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