December 31, 2014

2014 : Year in review

Looks like it'll be another quiet new year's eve for me. Either all my friends are doing the same, or I have no friends at all.
Might as well use this time to reflect on some highlights from 2014.
- The year started at the hills of Marredumilli in Andhra Pradesh, to light music, stories and a bonfire.
- The first two months, I did a lot of street photography and got some great street portraits, a lot of which I posted to a new blog. Some I printed in a flip book.
- Shifted music preference from commercial trance to ambient/downtempo/space.
- Eid. Good times.
- Goa. The second trip was a mixed bag. A couple of highlights: Curlies and getting bone-drenched at Baga beach.
- My camera collection grew to a sizable 110! Had to sell off a couple of gems though.
- After watching a viral video of a man giving random people 1000 rupee bills, I did the same to an old man at a nearby bus stop. He's been selling socks for 10 rupees a piece for over a decade now.
- Now I've pledged to support the community by way of donations and service. All thanks to Dad for this.
- After a long time in the supposed "comfort zone", I finally quit my job at Deloitte to take up a position at Bank of Am as Senior Software Engineer.
- It's too early to say if I made a good call. Initial impressions suggest otherwise.
- And oh, I also made my first international travel trip to the beautiful country of UAE. Dubai more than lived up to its reputation as a world class city.
Was also blown away by the culture and the state of law and order there.
It'll be 2015 in an hour from now. Here's wishing for new learning, new opportunities... and most important of all, more peace in the world.

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