January 15, 2009

A.R. Rehman's out of tunes?

It's common knowledge, our Anu Malik is a genius at copying tunes from
international sound tracks.the guy has copied from biggies like deep
forest,enigma and the like and garnered lavish praise.But none of his soundtracks can hold a candle to the ones by our music genius-A.R Rehman. he is one the
greatest music composers and we know it.now imagine this: what if rehman did the same?i was watching this movie "death race" at IMAX. During one tense scene the
background score sounded vaguely similar.i couldnt remember at first but then it
struck me! "jaane tu..."hell, i couldnt believe it. i did some googling and found jaane tu released
almost 3 months before death race.forum users pointed that death race was the copier,but its late release was not
proof enough coz shooting started sometime in 2002 but was later shelved.Another user said the composers must have copied the tune from some royalty free guitar library and is clearly a coincidence.i tend to believe this guy.funny i noticed one sound clip in the tamil film "sivaji" was "inspired" too...

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