January 18, 2009

get (wet) together

We've been trying to organise a get-together party since last year only to be greeted
with unenthusiastic responses.
Today we went to the british built irrigation checkdam, 1km from amagarupalli.
myself,juber,rakesh,asif,praveen,abhishek,shyam,harish,karthik,sunil,jaffrey,r.n.harish,and ramesh: 13 boys on 6 bikes, we started at 1430 18-01-09 from community centre, filled our tanks
and started our journey. our kind hearted Abhishek picked up a small school girl on her
way home and dropped her at her village, which was on our route.
I was pleased to see the sheer surprise on my friends' faces. i've been there a dozen
times already.
for two hours we had the most exhilerating and fun experience ever, abhishek said he'd
never imagined there was such a beautiful place so near to colony.
We celebrated our "wet-together" in the most fun way imaginable.
We were starving and had some hot chat on our way back.


Anonymous said...

kya trip thi yaaaar! yaad aagayi.

asif ahmed said...

kya trip thi yaaaar! yaad aagayi.