July 24, 2009

Battery leaks,charger stinks

The kodak charger and batteries I bought from a local Photo studio turned out to be fake. The batteries are leaking and the charger smells like burnt plastic. Many other electronic appliances such as shavers,memory cards,cell phone accessories etc are being brought in from china and sold to the unsuspecting customers. Not only are they inferior,they also pose a serious safety risk. Knowing how difficult it is to approach the authorities in case of a fake product,it is wise to play it safe and keep an eye out and identify fake products at the shop itself.

Here are some simple tips I gathered from experience:

- Check the blister pack for the sealing quality. Genuine packaging is usually heat sealed with ridges.
- Closely examine the product and the cardboard support inside. look for cheap printing with double print,dull colours or spelling mistakes. It is wiser to check the company website and find a picture of the product. Look for any omissions on the product.
- Look for a hologram of the company on the package.
- A user manual that says "Operation Menual" is trouble.
- Never fall for products the shopkeepers claim are "cheaper than the rest".
- Lastly, Insist on a bill invoice for any product you buy.

Being informed and alert pays

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