July 13, 2009

The good ol' days

I was not around in the 1980s. I was not into Hollywood movies in the 90s and I missed one absolute gem of a movie. A friend of mine recommended it and I got to say-I'm blown away.
John Hughes is best known for his iconic movie ferris bueller's day off.
The breakfast club is a little less known movie he made the same year.

Detention.Thats what the movie is centered around. And no it's not boring.Not one minute. It's about five students spanning a spectrum of human characteristics.
A brain,princess,athlete,basket case and a criminal. They don't know each other, They don't think alike. They're totally incompatible. But turns out they do have a lot in common. And boy what fun it is to see them learn! The screenplay is excellent and the character development is spot on. The movie is a far cry from today's cheap and sleazy college movie fare. It has it's uhuh moments though, like the John Bender under the bench scene. He's my favorite character although everyone gave a wonderful performance.They just don't make good movies like this these days.

If you go to college, YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you don't go to college, STILL WATCH IT.

You won't be dissapointed(unless you're a freako who gets pleasure in watching hostel or SAW)

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