February 9, 2010

I'm free now!

Exam : Software testing and methodologies

I had more than 6 months to study for this exam. I missed the first attempt due to an illness which frankly was not that bad at all. I was exhausted by the previous five exams and a day at the hospital killed any interest I had in the already stale subject. Preparation was pathetic as ever, but a couple of revisions gave me confidence today. I started at 10:30 by RTC. I was there at about 12:30, had a 5 star
crunchy for lunch, and slipped back into study mode.

Sitting in a 'supplimentary' hall was all new for me. I scanned through the question paper and started writing, relieved it was easy. A good 20 minutes into the exam, I heard our invigilator slowly whisper "now", what I saw next baffled me totally. There was activity everywhere. One guy pulled out a micro xerox from his socks. One dude used and promptly chewed up his. I counted the the ones that didn't have chits on
them. There were just three. So much for my efforts!

I wrote 5 out of 5 without any help. I was out by 4:40


sakshi said...

atleast u wil be happy inside dat u r free frm any guilt!

Aziz Siddiqui said...

knw wat...I saw gals copying too. dat kinda shocked me to the core!!!