July 29, 2010

Rock On

The week that was-- A nice trip home-- meeting Kriti after eons-- driving like crazy in the rain-- trips to the local bajji bandi-- the journey back-- the awesome Rock gig by Japheth's EVN FLO-- Night out at Atir's place

Rain kinda played spoilsport this time, with the constant drizzling making it difficult hanging out with friends...ehh friend. Asif is probably the only who's making the best of colony life while everyone is in Hyderabad doing courses and stuff. I went because Kriti was coming to colony after 4 long years. She flew in just to meet old friends and get to feel the colony life again... "one last time" in her words. I joined Kriti, Rama Lakshmi and Parthipan(yeah, donno when he arrived) on the first day and went around the colony. I next saw Kriti on the way back on train, and that's a different story...

Time with Asif was spent mostly at Tankbund and the Bajji bandi. On the third day, Parthi broke his glasses and off we went to Manuguru for a new one- it also doubled up as his first long trip on his new bike. He gave us a few tense moments though, his driving skills being still too amateur...

Then we went to the School Science exhibition which, again, was clearly lacking in energy. The projects were all crammed into the ground floor and a coupla labs on the first. On the bright side, it was an excuse to go around the school, and nostalgia engulfed me as I sat in what was once my favorite bench...

Mom was coming along on my return trip. On the train, chatted with kriti for a little while before signing off. That just about sums about my Manuguru trip.

Japheth texted about his Gig at Cafe Latte and there was no way I was going to miss this one. Called up Atir, Juber and Praveen to ask if they were free and they we go... instantly. Like they say... when you're berozgaar, you're free.

We were at the venue in time and Japheth got us redeemable passes at the counter. Their gig started at around 7.30 with Vishal on lead Guitar, apna Japheth on bass, Abhay on drums and Sujay. I'm no rock fan(do you see a "rock" tab above?) but it was a very good experience. The only songs I recognized were "Vertigo" and "Yellow" but the rest were equally good. Japheth looked a little tense but did a great job with the guitar.

The next band was "Plug-In", they did great too with one superb Red Hot Chilli peppers number, but it was agreed the volume was a little too loud for our tastes. For food, we ordered some Schezwan and rice and Red Bulls for drinks. We ended up paying a kilo more on our passes.

Then off we went on our ways home.... or so we thought. Atir called us over to his house for "dus minute" and it was 5 A.M before Dus minute finally elapsed. We talked of jobs, school, college, life and eh.. other stuff.

We were hungry again and had some Nahari kulche somewhere near Charminar before signing off... I was home at 6.30 and hit the bed with my socks on. I slept like dead for 10 hours straight.

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