July 14, 2010

Two is better than one

The lack of an internet connection or TV was not felt. Nor did I meet any friends. Three days in manuguru went by or rather flew by really fast. This trip can actually be summarised under two parts. Razi mama and Sayeed bhaiya n friends.

Mama, who's spent a good part of his life in Saudi Arabia gave in to my repeated hustling and agreed to come to Manuguru for a short visit. For the record, my relatives are under the impression we live in some remote and inaccessible village. All doubts were laid to rest when we
boarded the 2A AC compartment on the 7050 machilipatnam express. The journey was smooth and we were welcomed at Manuguru with a nice cloudy climate and humid air! Mama was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of greenery around us as we took the 10 minute bus ride
home. A quick breakfast and we retired for a 4 hour sleep before heading off on a tour of the colony on my rusty old Ax 100.

The very next morning Sayeed bhaiya called from somewhere near Mangapet saying their were enroute to Manuguru! I recieved them at the colony gate and got the two cars a visitor pass. Dad booked accomodation at one of the Hostels where the group freshened up before having lunch at our place. Then off we went on the treacherous, muddy journey to Dummugudem Check Dam. Both the cars, a Fiat Palio and Honda City had little trouble manouvering the sludge and rocks but the smaller one gave way when it slipped a little too deep into a side embankment, and surprisingly it had front wheel drive which made things even difficult! It took everyone a full 10 minutes and a hell lot of keechad spray painting to get the car up again. The 300 metres or so walk to the Dam itself was an adventure in itself. Lumps of sticky slush stuck on every single step and wouldn't let go no matter how hard we shook it. Their was no other darned way to get to the dam either. The scene at the end made up for our efforts and the imposing dam was overflowing with brown water which Vicky bhaiya aptly likened to a chocolate fountain found at malls. We went down to the rocks for a closer look and got great shots from there. It was getting dark so we had to start back soon. All our shoes were ruined and were tossed into the car boots. Bhaiyaz had a sudden change of plan then. They were supposed to rest for the night at the hostel before starting back. For whatever their reasons they decided against it and had a cup of chai at our kairali cafe and started on their journey back to Hyderabad. I was kinda sore.

In all the hullabaloo of the above, Mama was left bored. Dad had suddenly gone idle and didn't plan any outskirts trip. On the last day of our stay, we went around the colony with Mom and Saba and took a few pictures. Mama had fun riding Saba's bicycle which he said he's not done in more than a decade now! Sat for a couple of hours at Tank Bund.

We started on our journey back by 2A again. This time we were greeted with rats in the cabin.... so much for his first trip!
The journey was uneventful though(except for some unsettling chirping) and here I am back to where I don't belong...

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