January 23, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Video Overview

Bhaiya got himself a new toy last month. Samsung's foray into the hot-and-happening tablet market, Galaxy Tab is a refreshing new device from the giant . Samsung's forte has always been heavy marketing and they left no stone unturned in India(rotten Apple snubbed us, remember?). There are network packages too with Aircel doing well. I've been meaning to play with it for a while but with the CEED exam coming, I thought better of it.

This is not a review per se. Just some observations by a rookie. There are too many reviews out there by too many biggies. This is kindof a like a "local" review but better than "kya tablet hai baap!!!"

The device. First thing that strikes is the solid build. The weight is just perfect and the plastic top notch. the four touch sensitive buttons on the botton are responsive but the glass on the front bezel is a fingerprint magnet. Steve Jobs called 7 inch tablets "Dead on Arrival"...to hell with him! I think 7 inch is just the right size to pack it away in a jacket, backpack or even a purse. Try doing that with an iPad. The back is a glossy white with some text on the bottom. I'd have preferred black anyday.

To review a device, it's applications are taken into consideration. Tablets are a problem. There are no applications for tablets that make them indispendible. Not that I know of anyway. So I made this list of things tablets do better and tried them on the Tab:

- Videos: One word. Awesome. Though the format suppport needs improvement(one FW update away) there isn't really much to complain here. Youtube on my 2mbps wifi had trouble with HD but the videos played fine. The 1024 x600 screen is a a tad on the lower side but for a 7 inch screen it's good enough.

- Sketching: Still looking for a tab optimised App from the appstore so watch this space.

- Browsing: Browsing is a mixed bag. The inbuilt browser does a pretty neat job but flash heavy content is laggy. I was thinking it was my connection that was at fault but other biggie reviewers who said the same thing can't be wrong.

- Gaming: Android has some very good games for android phones but it narrows down condesiderably when it comes to optimised apps for tab's 7 inch screen. Angry birds was wicked fun on the Tab. Need For Speed plays awesome too. The control looked a little too rigid but overall it is a fun experience(watch the gameplay on my overview video)

I only got about a day to play with this baby so I'll keep it short. Bhaiya himself told me a few issues he's faced with the device which I'm listing down under pros and cons.

- Compact with great build.
- Responsive, bright touch screen.
- Latest Android OS.
- GSM SIM slot.

- Needs Samsung kies to enable USB mass tranfer mode.
- PDMI Connector for charging and Data(not very easy to find).
- Some apps don't scale.
- Battery nonreplacable.

I've also made a simple little overview video with text overlays for my observations. For the narration track I used Paradise Lost my M6 :-)

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