January 11, 2011

Webcam Barcode Scanner

After fooling around with one too many Barcode software on Android, it suddenly struck me to try it on PC today. I'd already torn apart the webcam bhaiya gave me last month. Turned out, the 300k pixel count is too noisy, and the video quality worse.

I'd planned on installing it as a surveillance camera but the filed of vision was too narrow. It ended up with the rest of the junk in my DIY box.

The lens element has a rotating outer glass and I managed to manually focus it to about 2-3 cms for optimum clarity.

Then I loaded up GuruLib a flash based scanner. I scanned in a Listerine bottle which was
lying nearby and the software read the code perfectly. The item wasn't on the database but that's another issue.

It's kindof weird why there aren't any decent software out there for Windows applications....


Ваня said...

try katanshi barcode reader

Anonymous said...
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