June 15, 2011

The Big Jump

Exactly a month and a half ago, I was holding a phone speaking in broken monotones to the man who would soon be my manager. After a couple of feeble attempts at getting a job(and a life) I'd almost given up when a ray of sunshine came in the form of an email from Deloitte.

Enough wordplay. It's been a month here and the experience has been great so far. Trying not to take any liberties with my company's guidelines, I'll try to describe in the following passages, a brief outline of the firm's recruitment process.

If you're a student from a premier institute, click on the little cross button on the top right or Alt-F4 on the keyboard.

I had always believed my college would bring me down like a full ballast. It almost always did... but this time I gave it the finger. Here's how:

- I registered on the company website in late September. I was still very much into "design" and registered just for the heck of it. All profiles and resumes go straight to servers and are screened only when need arises(that does not happen much, apparently)

- My resume finally saw light in early april. It was either sick luck or the keywords HTML and photoshop struck a chord with someone. I recieved an email for an updated resume which I sent back in one breath.

- Got a call the next day. I'd been sleeping late and I mumbled some answers. The next call went a little well. The questions were all general... my hobbies, my project and the like.

- I was called over to the office the next day where my to-be Assistant manager and an AM from another team interviewed me. I was awestruck by the ambience of the place. I had no idea it would be my office in a month. This interview again, was not very technical. In their own words, they wanted to see how I was in person.

- Things happened really fast now. Another call in the evening and I was off again. A point to note here is to make sure to figure out a way of transport. Going to an interview hanging precariously on a bus or auto is a bad idea. Dishevelled hair, clothes that smell of smoke and a grime covered face are some things you have to put up with. In my case bhaiya came to the rescue and let me use his bike throughout the recruitment process.

- The next interview was the one that sealed the deal(I'd know later). My to-be manager grilled me on a few technical aspects before moving on to a familiar and much welcom territory...photography! We talked apertures and focal lengths and it no longer felt like an interview. There were a few bouncers which pulled me down to mother earth but I managed to sail through. Smooth.

- The next round, I hadn't anticipated. I was expecting a final HR round for negotiation pay and stuff, but I was directed to a room with audio/video equipment. Enter Versant!

The versant test is a third party evaluation test by Pearson and is taken by every prospective hire. My HR contact scared me by announcing this was an exit round too... gulp. To my surprize it went well and I was done in an hour.

- The offer letter took it's sweet time coming and after a full 8 day of nail biting tension, I got the call. I was too scared to negotiate and settled for whatever was offered(which I now hear, was stupid of me) I got my offer letter the next day.

P.S : This post mentions the firm only once. But if you arrived here by googling for it...chances are you're in the right place. I believe I am not sharing any confidential information here that may affect the integrity of the firm or myself. In the off chance that it does, I will pull all content on intimation.


vivek said...

:)....welcome to Deloitte... well written!

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@vivek: Thank you!

Manish Dixith said...

Welcome to Deloitte

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@Manish: Thank you!!! for the wishes and for reading my blog!