June 1, 2011

Birthday Bhai!

Last year on 31st may, Praveen got his new Alto and we went around town celebrating Atir's bday. Seven tombs, Inorbit... we had a gala time.

And I was kindof sad he wasn't here this time.

After wishing Atir on fb yesterday, I settled down for long day at office. At home, after dinner I called him up expecting the familiar out of service tone and to my surprise, he answered. He'd arrived from Mumbai only a few hours ago and we decided to meet up immediately. Next call was to Juber, he was busy tutoring and said he'd join us a little late. Asif gave the usual excuses and hung up.

We chatted for a while before heading out for food. We had Shawarma at our usual U.K corner and then headed to Temptations for some ice cream. we then settled down on the busy mumbai highway divider where I managed to get a nice slow shutter photo.

We finally departed at 12 with Juber dropping Atir home on his bike.

My day ended with a sour note though with an insect biting the hell out of my right eye. Have no photo for that :-p

Our waiter had trouble finding the shutter button! And when he did, he pressed it all the way down without focussing. Picture came out ok though.

We all had Naughty Nutty combinations with Birthday boy Atir getting the biggest serving!

The aperture should have been stooped down a bit. The only thing spoiling the picture is me... washed out and blurry


Shweta said...

Hey Aziz...Let Mayank knw na whichis the shawarma place...m dying to hav some good one :)

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@Shwetaji: sure thing! It's at Yousuf Tekri near tolichowki, a triangular area with lotsof great hyderabadi restaurants. We have 4 seasons, mandar, and kebabs too! btw the joint I goto is like a bandi and may not appeal to all.

and thanks for reading my blog!!!