March 21, 2009

Enjoyin the summer? Don't

It's summertime and you're having fun chilling out at theme parks and lakes. Lassis, Ice creams and cool drinks form you main diet, and a nice Air conditioner at home keeps you going. Now did you ever wonder how the homeless spend their summers? No, you didn't. Infact, you didn't know they existed,did you?

Take a break from your summer celebrations and go to a nearby village. You will find several neglected old men or women struggling to make ends meet.
I went with my dad to a village near Manuguru. I saw an old woman living in a cattle pen! We arranged for some Blankets anfd food and dad gave her
some money. A few days later we came to know she'd died of weakness.
the're are numerous other cases of old people starving to death,or dying from extreme weather.

Why is it that old people are so neglected in this society? Why are they not taken care of? Does the same fate await us when when we grow old?

Next time you feel the urge to burn money at multiplexes and malls, find some poor old guy, buy him a drink. or something to eat.

Seriously, you ain't human if u donno charity.

In picture: Pitchiah, a native of Aswapuram is in poor health and his home is what you seen in the picture. yes, his bed and some vessels are all he's got.

Nothing to protect him from summer,rains or winter. Dad is collectimg money for building a temporary shelter for him.
Contact 9441094593 if you'd like to contribute.

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