March 4, 2009

Hollywood's Body of Lies

It's 3 in the morning.
Just saw Body of Lies, a movie by Ridley Scott. For your information Ridley Scott directed movies like Alien, Black Hawk
Down,Hannibal,Gladiator and the more recent American Gangster. He was not the reason why i picked up this movie. It was leonardo Di caprio.

The plot is a done-to-death concept of terrorism and CIA. At one end are the Arab terrorists who've quit using electronic means of communication and
CIA at the other end with its ultra high tech gear including spy drones, satellites, translation softwares etc etc.

Leo is in the hot zone as a CIA operative supervised by the uncaring,indifferent PITA Russell Crowe. Due to his boss' indifference Leo loses several key
assets. The pace is fast and the acting by all the actors is good. Leo, after his blazing performance in Blood Diamond, has once again delivered.

Another noteworthy character is Hani Salaam,the Jordanian intelligence chief played by Mark Strong. You may remember him from his Sorter character in Guy Ritchie's
Revolver(excellent role). He looks perfect in his nicely-tailored suits and his acting is awesome.

We've seen a lot of movies with terrorism themes in recent times. BOL is a movie with it's share of shortfalls and goofs. For one Iraqis,arabs or
people in Jordan - they don't dress alike. Each country differs in it customs and dress code. They're portrayed wearing the same white,long thobes thruout the
movie-again typical Hollywood.

All in all, a good movie. I liked Blood Diamond more though, bcoz it has less violence and a the story made a lot more sense.

If you're weak at heart, give it a miss bcoz one scene towards the end of the movie is reaaally disturbing. No need to worry if you're the 'Hostel' or 'saw'

Leo rocks.

Got to sleep. Watch out for more reviews

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