November 27, 2010

Pecha Kucha was great

Japheth mentioned it a little while ago about people in creative arts meeting and presenting at Pecha kucha meetups. The funny name is actually Japanese for 'chit chat'.

Out of the blue he called today evening from GVK. There was a PK Night today starting at 1900 hours. I was at Tolichowki and my first reaction was no. And with less than an hour for the programme to begin... I told him I'd think about it.

1900 hours sharp: I was at GVK. We walked into what looked like a front porch and quite a crowd. A projector and sound system was in place and we settled down on a cement seat wall on the extreme left. The view was good from here and away from the lights. Japheth's friend Nidhi started the programme with a rundown of the rules. 20 slides to a presentation, 20 seconds
for each slide. Three audience questions for each presenter.

I have a very bad memory and I am not sure about the exact order of the presentations but here I go anyway:

The first presentation was about "How we percieve creativity". I don't know if it's just me but a lot of things just went over my head. And the presenter clearly had trouble keeping up with the slide speed. I don't blame him... 20 seconds is too short.

The second presentation was about "adopting stray dogs". This presenter too had issues keeping up with the slide transition but had no trouble whatsoever in putting her point across. One guy at the back was hell bent on getting his presence felt but her point blank answer and the audience's support did him in.

Then a presentation on climate sustainibility by a girl who's been to Antarctica "and back!" as Nidhi put it. She presented some eco friendly projects other countries were taking up to do their bit for the environment.

Architecture was the theme of the third one and the fresh grauduate from JNTU did a great job presenting his work right from the awesome sketches he did whilst in college to the flood shelters he designed for Bangladesh.

A software engineer presented his take on how "Ideas can change everything". Or something. One slide was about how blowing up a Rat's skeleton to a size similar to an Elephant's results in it collapsing. Bone density was not discussed.

Another one on environment. This guy was good.... he did a good job syncing his words with the slides. The slides themselves were crisp and to the point. I particularly liked the way he defined activism.... learning, thinking and educating peers.

Then the last presenter came and introduced himself as Joseph. There was something familiar about this guy... I'd seen him before somewhere. Then he said the keyword "wedding" and click! Joseph Joe Radhik. This guy's been on my FB page for a while now. He has a funny,not-so- clear profile picture. he'd chosen his best shots for the slideshow and sure enough it worked
like a charm. Every photo was met with oohs and one even got loud applause, and I have to admit the one he took at Shamshabad was a masterpiece.

A book was passed around for contact numbers before curtains. Japheth stayed for a little while interacting while I headed for the gate and waited there. My people skills are still pathetic.

A presenter had highlighted how it was so very eco friendly to use public tranport to reduce our carbon footprint. As he zoomed past me on his two wheeler, I caught the usual 49M bus back home.

Pecha Kucha is very very good platform for upcoming designers and entrepreneurs to promote their stuff or better, for activists to spread awareness. I don'tknow if I'll ever go onstage in my life but IF I ever conquer my stage fear, I'll definitely present at Pecha Kucha. Yakusoku.

PS: I have a feeling I'm missing one presentation. If, by some miracle, you landed landed on my page and were there at the meetup, please let me know in the comments.

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