November 5, 2010

School Dayz 2: Rajesh

Teacher's Day 2006: Rajesh all smiles as he played maths teacher to class 8 students.

He was an enigma. Though he was our classmate for a good 7 years, he's remembered for all the wrong reasons. We were very good friends back in class 5. We played cricket together and hung out, we even went to the same tuition. Often competing in academics, it'd lead to some friction every now and then. His histrionics aside he was, in essence, a normal person. He laughed, he played...he even sang.

Then something happened. He suddenly turned forlorn, gloomy and detached. It was class 6 and he was still doing good in studies, there is no known cause why this happened. Before long, word started to spread that he'd lost it. Very few people believed that, myself being one. Frequently fluctuating from being normal to outright insane, we were often convinced he was faking it for attention. He was however polite to everyone and talked at length when I met him at the school play ground in early 2008.... that was the last time I ever saw him.

We lost Rajesh in 2008 to a freak accident, the details of which are shady to say the least. It's not known what was bothering him, nor are the facts of how he passed.

God rest his soul.

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