November 21, 2010

School Dayz: Fight!

Only Bharat, Atir, Nirosh or Nitin can recognize this.... it's an "Identity card".

Back in class 10 when texting, internet or full fledged gaming was not quite there, we had little choice when it came to leisure. Our computer lab was strictly "no games" and an attempt by a guy at playing Delta Force was met by a loud resounding blow to the back(fragged!). We passed time in between classes playing pen fights. The objective was simple: you knock the opponent's pen off the table. That's it.

With time new rules were added, we started playing in teams of two and before long we were playing "Pennalympics". Bharat and Nitin were US of A while Atir and I settled for Germany. I don't remember why we went for that though. We named our pens too... mine was Quicksilver, bharat's Viper and others I don't recall now. My signature move was the "heli" which was very effective when executed well.

We spent hours playing it...sometimes even after school, though we stopped after a very scary encounter with the vice principal THATS(yeah, we called him that). We even had audience.... Girls from across the benches would watch and we'd have trouble concentrating on the game :-p

When I come to think of it now, it all looks so stupid!
But no amount of counterstrike or CoD can equal that fun now.... period.

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Suzanne Vega said...

pennalympics... ha ha a..

i remember that game.. and yeah .. it was definitely more fun that NFS or GTA.

thanks for bringing my memories back.. aaah!!!