October 20, 2011

Auto blues

My heavy laptop weighing me down, I board the 7 seater auto rickshaw from Tolichowki. It's only a 1 km ride but I'm in no condition to walk. The driver screams away in a bid to get in a couple more passengers and I take a look around the cabin. Job goers like me going home from a long, tiring day at work. But while I crib and rave about working in a recliner seat in 24/7 air conditioned bays, they toil away at jungles of concrete and dust, one wrong step a long fall into oblivion.

With the auto fairly occupied our driver slowly steps on the gas and I get this sudden jolt to my nostrils...the all too familiar alcohol! The guy sitting across has managed a trip to the local wine shop and is already swaying like crazy. I shift to the far left by the window, looking outside trying to grab some air...anything to escape this unholy stink.

A young kid in a Maruti Zen speeds by. That reminds me of the visit to the bank today.

Spotting a colorful poster hung outside I walked into the local SBH bank at my office site. I went straight to the Asst Manager and inquired my eligibility to apply for a car loan. She broke into a wicked smile almost immediately and asked how old I was! An interrogation ensued. The "fact" that I worked at a "reputed" company and my Dad being a central government employee, she softened and offered me a seat. They say hearing "Take a seat" at banks is half work done. Car? she asked. Maruti 800...no more. She quickly dialed
a dealer she knew and inquired. They sold only Alto and above. She then suggested I wait for a few months more before applying. Yep...I thanked and left.

Snap. Back to reality. My favorite shawarma point zoomed by and a long stretch of used cars by the side of the road... I turned away.The guy had picked up speed and it took two taps on the shoulder and a loud call over the blaring music to get him to stop. I crossed the deadly main road, picked up a bottle of thums up and walked home.

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