October 8, 2011

M8ro : Windows 8 is here!

The last time I got a copy of a pre-release version of Windows was at Tech-Ed 2009 where Steve Ballmer himself announced it and we all got a Windows DVD and some nice freebies.

Wow, it felt good watching the man himself unveil the new OS and speak on the cloud and search engines.

Steve Ballmer delivering his keynote. I didn't have a good camera then! 

The new OS named Windows 8 is a mix of all things good from  the runaway hit Windows 7 and the popular windows phone 7. The metro OS makes it's first appearance for a desktop format though we all know it is optimized for touch based displays(read tablets).

I downloaded the 2.8GB Developer preview which locks out the good features such as Tile customization and Marketplace. Links below for installation(It's no linux anyway).



Had to let go of my previous OS...

The beauty that is Metro

Will post a video and a lot more pics later. One observation: my underpowered HP 2133 is probably not powerful enough for the OS...there is considerable lag in windows and transitions.

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