August 27, 2009

Of obsolete goods and PITA salesmen

Ever assembled your own PC? If yes, read on. Otherwise go build a PC,it's fun. In addition to
giving insight into the various component and parts, it also allows customization according to
needs. A basic setup for internet and word processing requires not more than 2ghz of
processing power and 2gb of value RAM. Dual core or Quad core processors can be used for
gaming rigs or workstations coupled with high speed RAM modules above 4gb.

shopkeepers sometimes recommend components that are overpowered and serve no no
purpose for basic tasks. Actually that is ok considering some try to push obsolete parts that
are no longer supported by the manufacturing companies.
My friend who went to buy a Laptop at a computer shop at Secunderabad, was offered a
Laptop that was no longer in production.
I accompanied a friend once to buy PC parts. The salesman offered a processor and mobo
combo that was more than 2 years old!
I also noticed that the products displayed were more or less the same in every shop I went to.
they had the same models of mp3 players everywhere. I asked for a Creative muvo and no one
had it. But it was couple of years ago. Things have changed a now.

Some tips before you go out computer shopping:

- Do your homework: Never go out shopping without proper research. List your requirements
and find products on the internet that are rated well. Read reviews.
An ignorant customer with no computer know-how WILL be taken for a ride.
A shopkeeper once told me a I coudn't connect a monitor without a graphics card! duh! He's working at Intel now I think.
- In most cases the first product the salesman shows you is probably obsolete or has a biger
profit margin. Ignore it and ask for more. If the salesman loses interest,lose him.

- salesman again. Don't put up with arrogant salesmen, If you feel he is not very
cooperative, tell him and walk off. I've quite often seen salesmen who tend to think they own
the shop. Try out the other shops.

- Check,Recheck: Before you walk out with your goods, check them for any defects. Check
the packaging and the documentation. Don't forget to take a printed invoice. Shopkeepers
seem to lose their courtesy once you walk out.

I love shopping. who doesn't? Well, computer shopping is more fun. A little care is all that is

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