August 4, 2009

Review:Love Aaj Kal

I'd promised myself I won't watch a movie unless it's declared a hit by word of mouth. The reviews can be decieving. The media generated hype got the better of me and off I ran to see 'Love aaj kal'.
Saif and Deepika, both are not very high in my list of favorites but Saif's dialogue delivery is something I always look forward to. The story starts with Saif and Deepika meeting in an elevator, falling in love and breaking the first 10 minutes. Wierd,na? Whatever.
Then they separate and promise to keep in touch. Then those cravings and all we're so familiar with creep in,apna gloomy Saif happens to meet Rishi Kapoor who narrates his 1960s romance. Frankly I found nothing retro about that flashback thing. But credit to the director for giving us the really beautiful Harleen who happens to be a brazilian model,Gisele Monteiro! No wonder she didn't feature in the credits.
The story is simple,straight forward but not really path breaking. Masand got it right this time,it's nowhere near memorable. And what's bothering Saif? Why the stiff acting?
I have to admit that it's better than the previous bollywood debacles like Singh is king and others. Atleast the story makes a little sense.

I am not a bollywood fan and so not very experienced but I know a good movie when I see one. This one manages to make the grade.

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