August 11, 2009

one flu over the....

11 deaths and more than 900 infections, H1N1 is finally here to wreak havoc on an already struggling health System.
The virus has now spread it's wings across the world, starting in the western countries and eventually reaching our country. The government that was so far confident and 'prepared' is now confused. There aren't enough Tamiflu drugs to tackle a flu epidemic,the Health Minister confessed. At the recieving end will of course be the poorer classes who won't have access.

H1N1 is highly contagious and lack of proper care and treatment can be fatal.
A few precautions from our side will atleast help the infection from spreading

1-Avoid going out to public places like theatres and shopping centres. These are like hubs for the virus to spread.
2-Follow hygiene at home too. Sanitise all surfaces with disinfectant,use filtered water only, and most important of all follow personal hygiene.
3-If you notice flu like symbols symptoms in anyone in the family, DO NOT ignore them and
seek medical attention immediately.
4- Prevention is better than cure, the classic advice always applies.

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