August 21, 2009

tech news update

- Average Broadband connection speed in England now is 4mbps and they're not

done yet. In India we get a 64kbps(sify) 'broadband' connection that sucks and

the highest bandwiths used only by corporates.

- Microsoft releases 20,000 lines of code towards the open source community

under the GPL. So much for calling linux a 'virus' once.

- A new rendering technology called OTOY promises to bring full fledged 3D gaming

experience to mobile phones.

- Windows 7 is doing real good. It's got all the right stuff. It is cute,works

on lower end systems and is way better then the sucker that was


- Dream Camera: Olympus EP-1 a compact camera with a full frame sensor. Every

tech site out there is praising it. Know I can't get hold of one,but no harm in craving for one.

- tech apart, 'Kamniney' is rocking the box office. Masand can't stop raving about it. And I'm dying to watch it.

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