September 20, 2009

A history of violence...

Not a day had passed since the death of YSR Reddy, and I already had grisly photos of the crash site in my inbox from one of my friends. Heaven knows where he got those from. Blood. Gore. more Blood. I'm getting sick.

Let's do a quick roundup:

I switch on the TV, and before I start browsing through the channels I make sure my Aunt's not around. Coz no matter what there is atleast one channel showing graphic bloody mayhem, like telugu news channels that pay no regard to reporting ethics or what not to show, or there are those music channels that show item songs all the time. And you know how they can be.

Back to violence. TV 9 was showing some fight that broke out somewhere in Rayalaseema that killed three. What irked me was they were broadcasting live feed of a dying man with a stab wound in his stomach! He's dying for ----- sake!!! Then there is this thing about showing dead bodies on screen. I'm not into this journalism stuff but I know for sure showing closeups of dead bodies with cotton swabs stuffed in noses and all... is not right. Hell, one even zoomed into an open mouth!

Movies. Now please, we have enough violence in the real world. Give us something to smile,cheer about. Again, no offence to the telugu world but really, Do we need such violence in our movies? Ravi teja is cracking jokes one minute and breaking bones the next. Oh, and he's so good at it that the bones just come right out their sockets and skin. eeeyuk.

And ye, the real world is bad too. The aforementioned attack in Rayalaseema is actually the consequence of a love affair. The guy loves the girl so much he kills both her parents! The dick. The mob kicked him around so bad he almost died. Violence again. The police? Well, the less said the better. Although one (controversial )incident did earn them a few brownies. Remember the warangal Acid attack? Apparently all the accused were killed in a 'fake' encounter. No tears were shed for the killed. Good riddance everyone said. Whatever.

Children like violence too. Human nature I guess. Give a child a nice toy gun and some other toy to play with. Chances are he'll like the gun better.
Which reminds me, I forgot video games altogether. I never played GTA much. My cousin who's hardly 12 plays GTA 3 like crazy going about killing Liberty city folks just for the heck of it. His favorite is the chain gun.

Point is, violence is deeply established in our society whether we like it or not. And it's scary to even think of what's in store for us in the future.

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