September 6, 2009

How bad can it get?

WE had our second Online Get-together on Yahoo Messenger. The last one held on August 15 2008 had more than 12 participants. This time only 8 turned up.We invited 40+.
Apart from giving the obvious impression that they're no more themselves, they had the nonchalance to ignore our messages. They might have as well said "f you" in the face.

The ones who attended included Bharat,Juber,Atir,Vaishnavi,Kriti and Hema. Shyam and Siva came and went. Sravani had trouble using Yahoo. After a few startup problems, the chat became stable in about half an hour.
Lots of topics discussed. Studies. Life. YSR. Crushes...
Chat lasted about 4hrs. No transcripts were saved this time. So breathe easy.

Will there be an other one? Don't think so

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