September 12, 2009

A walk down memory lane

It's been almost four years since I left school. The only memories I look back to are from my school days.

I did my schooling at Atomic Energy Central School(AECS), Manuguru from 1995 to 2006. Before that I studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya for a couple of years in Kalpakkam.
Our school is a little different from typical AECS schools in the country in terms of design. Teachers hate it(Long walks). We loved it. Lots of corners to hangout ;-) There's a huge playground overlooking our school and a nice basketball court too.

Perhaps my best memories are from class 10. Our silly fights with girls,stunts with bicycles and our favorite past time- pen fights. We had teams Germany(Atir n Myself), US(Nitin n Bharat), France etc. Even our pens had names! Quick Silver, Tank,Viper,Freeman and the like. We were once playing late after school in one of the classrooms when our then vice principal Mr. Rajashekhar walked in. You may remember him for his "thats" he used in every sentence. He was known for his short fuse and we thought we were in for some whacking. Strangely he just smiled. We got the hell out of there. In an other incident Atir yelled "Hoodibaba" at Murthy Sir ("yaara fools!!!") who was passing by on his new bike. He swiftly came round and gave a look so scary we thought we were dead. Again we were spared. Our teachers were never bad to us. Their teaching was a different story alltogether but who cared?
I'll post a detailed summary of all my favorite teachers soon.

What I loved about my School :

- School started at 7 in the morning. So basically, I was an early riser in my school days. Never again have I risen without hurling abuse at the alarm clock or whoever cared to wake me up.

- Amulya madam's announcement. We sorta looked forward to seeing her on stage everyday. We loved it when she said "quite a few announcements today, children!"

- We hated him then but it turned out Mr Seshu Babu Sir's 'rants' were the only speeches I ever liked, for a long long time. Maybe it's just me but I really miss him.

- Library: It was not the books that drew us to the Library but our Librarian, Azhagappan sir. A far cry from that PITA Homrey, he got along with everyone. Howewer we knew all hell would break loose if he ever lost it, so no matter how jolly he looked we always played it safe.

- Competitions: CCA period was the one we always looked forward to. Dance comps, Singing, elocution and all. We died laughing when Siva went on stage and sang...
I still donno why I never got the courage to get on stage. Bad mistake.

Actually this list can go on forever. So, now the bad things.

What I hated:

- Pretty much everything that happened after Seshu Babu sir left, was bad. Our new princy
Mrs Mahalakshmi was a case study in inefficiency. Other than many admin blunders that I don't know anything about, what I remember is that not a single new fiction book was added to the library in her three year tenure.

- After Isenth sir left, the school had lost another great teacher. No worthwhile art trophies ever since.

- Bias: This is common everywhere but I think they sometimes overdid it. A teacher's ward never got away without a prize. ever.

- Coaching for competitive exams was never given much importance although a few half hearted attempts were made.

All the hiccups aside, I still think my school WAS the best.

Sitting(From left): Mr Joshi, Mr Ram Surat, Mr K.R.Rao,Mr Swain, Donno who, Mr Mishra , Mr Asim Chakraborthy, Mr Mohan Ram, Mrs Sri Devi

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