August 12, 2010

50mm Prime: First step in Lens Lust

Last time I tried, a 50mm Minolta lens cost Rs4500. The guy, who happened to live close at Gachibowli wouldn't give me a discount and I decided to wait for a better deal. Five days ago I saw this ebay listing selling the lens for just 1k. I thot I'd nailed the deal....

In two days I the bid had gone upto 1600, autobidding was a term I wasn't aware of so I bid again and again, pushing up the price. At Rs 2450 I decided I'd had enough. Then I won.

The lens just arrived by professional Courier packed in a box of Brittania biscuits. So much for the 200 rupee shipping!

The lens elements are clear enough, a few tiny specks of dust are visible. The barrel though is quite shabby with some white chalky substance between the ridges. That's expected too considering this lens dates back to the eighties!

The lens has a focal length of 50mm which converts to about 75mm on my A200(due to the APS-C sensor). This lens is widely polular for its speedy, low light photography. The 1.7 aperture gives it an edge over the kit lens by eliminating the need of using a flash in most situations making it suitable for travel photography. The depth of field is great too.

A few pics of the lens itself and a sample shot below. Bokeh performance to be tested soon...

Test Shots:

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