August 25, 2010


There is no better place in Hyderabad to test a camera's prowess as Old city. The bright lights, the shops,life everywhere... add to that the festive season of Ramzan and you have a sight to behold. Alas, as is usual with all my other things, my plan to make the best of my camera fell astray due to heavy rain. What's funny was their was no rain until the moment I got down from the 8A bus at Shalibanda. Juber and I rushed into a nearby masjid where Juber got a couple of dates for iftar and we offered our prayers. The rain was doing flip flops and before long we'd settled at a hotel for dinner and then started our photo walk.

I got a polythene bag from a kirana store and wrapped it around my camera. Changing lens was a problem too as there was too much moisture in the air. I'd forgotten my 18-70 lens and had trouble framing the huge Charminar with my 50mm and 35-70. We walked around for almost an hour, sometimes in knee deep water and sometimes running for cover in a sudden downpour. I had to use extreme care to avoid damage to my camera.

Two things I learned from this trip: Low light shooting is not something my camera can handle well. Not with my lenses atleast. Then there is this thing about shooting handheld, you can never hold it steady for shutter speeds below 1/20. A tripod is a great accessory and definitely the
next item on my wishlist.

The rest I'm uploading on flickr soon

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