August 27, 2010

DIY White Box

A sheet of themocole and a cutter. And fevicol. This was all I needed to make an apparatus essential to product photgraphy- the White box. It is basically a three sided rectangular box with provision for attaching powerful lights. The walls act as reflectors and prevent harsh shadows. All those nice sharp images of watches, perfumes and jewellery are all thanks to white boxes. I made one myself and attached a coupe of CPL lamps up top for the white glow. Pictures below:

My first experiment was shooting drops of ink in a glass of water. This proved very very difficult as synchronising the shutter with the drops was almost impossible. I didn't have help at hand nor was I equipped with a remote shutter release. I then shifted focus to other normal things and the results are below:

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Carli Sita said...

what settings would you use on your camera?