August 22, 2010

Mini Beercan: My new 35-70mm Minolta

Global Easy buy on Ebay seems to be an initiative between Ebay US and ICC worldwide, an Indian courier company. ICC relists select ebay items for Indian buyers, allowing payment in Rupees. The shipping and custom charges are all inclusive of the price quotes: I
bought a Minolta 35-70mm lens for around Rs 4000. Shipping was around $23 for USPS priority mail, which costs a lot more from the main Ebay US site- IF the seller is willing to ship it overseas. And the service is from US only for now.... can't wait to get stuff from EU too!

I ordered on 15th August and the lens arrived yesterday. 5 days is not bad at all for something coming straight from New York. The package was a flimsy cardboard box 7x7 in dimensions though. 

The glass is clean and the barrel looks ok, though the lens rotation is a little hard. Autofocussing is smooth too, thankfully. It'll be a while before I get the hang of things, and with the 50mm in my bag, it's time I started with street photography too...

I've found quite a lot of other lens but the shipping costs are way too much for my pocket. I've read that it's often cheaper to get it shipped to a relative in the US and them wait for them to get it over. I'll try next time...

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