October 8, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino. This guy is queer. Of course he's up there among the greatest Directors but man, why the extreme violence?
Ok I am not into his movies. Saw Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction and that's about it but Inglourious Basterds, his latest is the most sickening movie I've seen to date barring a few other psychotic ones like Irreversible, City of God by other even sinister Directors.


The story is set around 1941 in Nazi occupied france. The first scene is pure torture. I sat on the edge of the seat the whole time. The tension is palpable. Definitely Tarantino. Then the movie moves on to ...well... the real QT material.

Enter the Inglorious Basterds, a feared group of american jewish soldiers whose only goal is to KILL NAZIs. Their style- Ambush Nazi soldiers, chop of the victims'
scalps, send one survivor home.

The most disturbing part however was the baseball bat scene. Eric Roth playing Donny "the bear jew" beats the brains(literally) out of a Nazi Soldier. I read on some forums that this scene was met with laughter and applause in some countries. Where I saw the movie(INOX Hyderabad), there were only gasps of shock. I must tell you I've seen a fair amount of violence in Indian films but this scene is so utterly realistic it made me cringe. There is one scene where Brad Pitt brutally tortures a lady by poking his finger in a fresh bullet wound in her leg. A couple of girls walked out after this scene.

The screenplay was a little too long for my taste. Sure the story had to develop that way but considering the not-very-impressive climax, I found it hardly engaging.
And what's with Brad's accent? Sounded worse than his pikey accent in 'Snatch'. Great performance by Christopher Waltz as the enigmatic but dangerous Nazi colonel
Lande. His expressions had me in splits sometimes. Shosanne played by Melanie Laurent is great. Watching her getting killed(Sorry for the spoiler) by a Nazi felt really bad.

The climax is spontaneous and is over before you know it. Susanne gets her revenge. Eric Roth and his friend have fun fragging Ze germans and wrap it up with
dynamite charges and blow everything including themselves to smithereens. Thats a bingo!

The only scenes that will stay with you for a while are the opening sequence(brilliant), the baseball bat scene(horrible) and the one where Shosanne gets killed(sad).

Despite the aforementioned quirks, the movie sort of grows on you. The violence seems justified considering the atrocites Nazis commited. The picture is great and an oscar nomination is imminent. Movies seldom make me think. Saw it yesterday I still can't take it off my mind.

Go watch it

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