October 17, 2009

This week in news

- Diwali today. Low profile affair compared to previous years for sure.

- India, China sparks to be settled with talks.

- Blue is a dud apparently. Music's awesome though.

- Commonwealth games in trouble. India wants to host the games it's way. "Slowly" that is.

- Champions League 20-20 is not one bit exciting. Not for me atleast.

- Mukesh Ambani follows 'austerity drive'. Cuts down his salary by 66%.

- Outages are now common. gmail, facebook, twitter... and now we're losing data too(sidekicks).

- Surat, first city in India to use GPS. Wait it's not here yet. Plans...

- Windows 7 releases soon. Microsoft is gaining momentum now. Xbox 360, Zune...

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