October 21, 2009

We'll miss you, Bini

Sad day today. Asif called with the news. Bini jena, my schoolmate and friend committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. I stood der for a while frozen. She was my classmate for like 10 years and the news shook me to the core.
I immediately called others for confirmation.

What spooked me was that she did it on monday, two days ago and I was told today. Some of my friends knew and never informed me. Abhishek, nirosh, Rudra, Vaishnavi...they all knew.
Asif didn't know until an hour ago. Nor did Atir,Praveen, Nitin or Shiva. Absurd. That's indifference at it's peak.

Anyway, whatever Bini's problems were, suicide was not the solution at all. Poor gal. I knew she was going thru a lot but never expected such a drastic measure. Her orkut account is still open. Seeing all her photos stirred me up pretty bad...

(In picture: On Teacher's Day 2006: Bini, Standing second from right)

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